A choice is a selection of one thing over another thing or things. Sometimes, we have no choice, but even on those occasions it’s usually that we feel we have no choice because the alternative is unacceptable to us (e.g., getting spanked, fired, or shot). Our choices always reflect our relative values. As we make choices we are deciding how to spend our limited resources; primarily our time and money. For example, when we choose to spend our time on one activity we’re often simultaneously deciding not to do something else. We have determined that the first thing is of more value than the other and, as we make such decisions, we declare to others (including our children), where our priorities are. This is one of life’s inescapable concepts.

Life involves establishing and balancing our priorities or values. There are many things that are constantly calling us; some legitimate and others illegitimate. Work, family, church, school, recreation, vacation, rest, music lessons, sports, entertainment, fellowship, service, and much more are set before us regularly and call for us to arrange them in their proper order. Like merchants vying for shelf-space at the grocery store, life’s competitors are often in conflict with one another and test us to see where our values are today.

As daily self-denying followers of Jesus Christ, He has given us some help in seeing what is ultimately valuable and thus assisting us in making the right choices. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matt. 6:33). His Word is the only rule to direct us concerning how we might glorify and enjoy Him (Matt. 4:4). Every choice must be filtered through our Christian calling so that every choice is directed toward His glory. This is what we are called to do―to glorify Him with our lives―to glorify Him with our choices.