Novelist Miguel de Cervantes observed that “An honest man’s word is as good as his bond.” Likewise, Psalm 15 describes one of the characteristics of a man who may dwell with the Lord as “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change.” Yet we live in a day where men take their own word lightly and easily set aside their solemn vows. Church vows (for example), are conveniently brushed aside as though words are only words. Men and women too often play loose with their promises, yet no one else better question their integrity. They do have an image of honesty to maintain. Nevertheless, God hears all our words―especially our vows―and He does take them seriously and He does hold us to them.

God keeps all His promises since He is a covenant-keeping God. He is scrupulous regarding the details of what He has promised. He never forgets what He said. Yet men often have convenient memories for inconvenient circumstances. They readily enter into covenants with high expectations for the benefits, but when they have had enough, and when it becomes apparent that the obligations of their commitment are difficult, they are ready to move on and set aside the promises they made. The promise is not nullified because they changed their mind. We must keep our word to the end; until the obligations we made are completed. Moreover, we must be scrupulous in remembering the details of what it was we promised.