It is common to hear some church members complain that they just don’t “fit in,” and they are usually right. The question is, why don’t they fit in?” Are they expecting everyone else to conform to their likes and dislikes; their personal agendas; their private culture? In order to be part of anything (e.g., a friendship, a family, a club, a church, etc.), there has to be far more give than take. While it is possible that everyone else is to blame e.g., they’re not friendly, they’re cliquish, they think they’re better than me, etc., it’s just as likely (perhaps more likely), that the problem lies with the person who doesn’t fit in. Fitting in can be hard work. It will probably mean having to sacrifice for others, being hospitable, fully participating in the community events, resolving conflicts, being open to other ways of doing things, not expecting everyone else to conform to their own way of seeing the world. When we commit ourselves to be a part of the Body of Christ, we must find a way to fit in, to find our place of service, and to fulfill our duty to Him and to His people. Dedicated, sacrificing, people almost always fit in; they don’t have time to feel sorry for themselves. They derive a joy from serving others for Christ’s sake.