A while back, my wife invited me watch a few minutes of the musical “Hello Dolly,” and I enjoyed some of the dialog between the uncle, Horace Vandergelder [played by Walter Matthou], and his niece, Ermengarde Vandergelder. Uncle Horace has sent her suitor [Ambrose] away, and she is distressed. I especially loved the line: “You’ll thank me when you’re 50.” It made me smile.

Ermengarde: Uncle Horace! Uncle Horace!

  Horace: Yes, what is it?

Ermengarde: What have you done to Ambrose?

  Horace: I had a quiet talk with him.

Ermengarde: You did?

  Horace: Yes, I explained to him that he’s a fool.

Ermengarde: Oh, Uncle!

  Horace: Weeping, weeping ― a waste of water. I’ve done you a good turn. You’ll thank me when you’re 50.

Ermengarde: But, Uncle, I love him.

  Horace: Save your tears for New York, where they won’t be noticed.

Ermengarde: But I love him!

  Horace: You don’t.

Ermengarde: But I do!

  Horace: Leave those things to me.

Ermengarde: If I don’t marry Ambrose, I know I’ll die!

  Horace: Of what?

Ermengarde: A broken heart.

  Horace: Never heard of it.