As I grow older I’m becoming more and more painfully aware of the brokenness of my body, and human bodies in general. Sometimes I go to bed feeling pretty good and then wake up feeling like something really bad happened to me while I was asleep. Conversations with my peers include an increased number of references to medical issues. I’m constantly hearing of some new thing (which, in some cases, I didn’t even know existed), that can go wrong with the body.  When we’re young, we’re often oblivious to what is already at work in our dying bodies. If this situation were limited to the physical body it would be alarming enough, but the problem runs much deeper than this.

The body’s brokenness is symptomatic of something more fundamental or foundational. Our souls are broken as well; broken from the beginning.  Sin originates in the heart [soul] and works its way out. “the wages of sin is death…” Rom. 6:23); its poison defuses itself until every corner is affected, like a drop of poison in a glass of water. Each of us is broken psychologically and emotionally. There are books filled with descriptions of these kinds of “disorders.” “Disorder” is a good word to describe our condition. Even if we can’t find an official psychological or emotions malady with its own label, none of us should be so self-deceived as to think that we have somehow escaped this universal effect of the Fall. Our irrational fears, anxieties, depression, insecurities, anger, crankiness, etc. are all indicators that something is terribly wrong with us. No matter how hard we try to cover these maladies of the soul they refuse to go away completely.

Ailments of the body can sometimes be ignored or lived with, but if they grow worse we will usually seek a remedy through better eating, exercise, medicine, surgery, etc.  Great amounts of time and money are poured into trying to avoid, remedy or repair our broken bodies. We need our bodies to live. Sometimes people are reduced to simply trying to cover-up the physical symptoms with drugs that numb the pain.

Soul remedy requires us to seek something much bigger but it always begins by recognizing the problem. We will never seek the remedy as long as we are covering up the truth. The gospel of grace is the only solution; coming to the Great Physician; touching the hem of His garment with faith. Being forgiven by God (and others) is where relief begins, and this relief is sudden and dramatic. Why did we resist it for so long? It isn’t hard. It isn’t even painful. It is nothing but overwhelming joy. There will still be rehab that needs to be done, but the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God by way of His church will nurse us back to health until it is finished. “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6).