Seasons come and go. God made it that way presumably because He likes it that way. And if He likes it that way—since we’re made in His image—so should we. Not only are there the seasons of the year but also a distinction between ordinary and extraordinary times on our calendars and watches (devices for marking time). We should spend some time on the subject of eternity, but we are pretty limited as to how far we can explore that vast topic. Time is something we know a little about, so let’s make the most of it. As Ecclesiastes tells us, “there is a season for everything,” and rather than act as though every season is the same, we should embrace those special seasons with gusto. Thus, the season of grief calls for real sorrow and mourning; the time of celebration also demands that we do it with all our might. As we approach a special day of national Thanksgiving, may we give thought, preparation, and full expression in our meals, prayers, and conversation; all to the glory of God.