The name we give to something doesn’t alter its essential character. However, if we apply the same name to contradictory things it’s a different matter. For example, if we call a rose and garbage both by the name “rose,” we have diminished the name “rose” and made two contrary things the same.

It’s not enough to hear people say they believe in Jesus, for the name “Jesus” has been applied to many different conceptions and definitions. Which Jesus do they believe in? There is an overwhelming self-serving proclivity to define Jesus in terms of our own desires; to create God in our image; to define a Jesus that makes us “feel good about ourselves.” There are no shortages of these self-made Jesuses that the world has constructed. Unfortunately, this is true for many Christians. In fact, we might find some of these tendencies in ourselves. Yet, we must construct our understanding of Jesus from the revealed Word of God and not from our own imaginations. God defines Himself and it’s our duty to know Him as He really is. There is only one Jesus Christ and “He is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb. 13:8).