I just returned from a weekend of much-needed encouragement. Hanging out with forty-four young adults from all across the country, who clearly love Christ and His Church, was a real boost. There’s never a shortage of discouraging things in a fallen world but to see young men and women who are hungry and who want to learn and grow; who delight in being with one another, and who know how to be both serious about their faith and full of laughter and joy, makes me happy. As a bonus, their respect for three old pastors was the cherry on top.

With a fair amount of trepidation, we started a camp for junior high and high school kids (Summer Sanctus), almost ten years ago. Each year the numbers has grown, and each successive year I have been able to say “this was the best camp yet.” Last summer we had 142 campers and 33 adults. As the years went by, several who had aged-out from Summer Sanctus expressed their desire to see it continue and thus, Gloria Sancta was born. Single adults, ages 18 to 30, who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to Christ and His Church, come together during the first week of January, and just before headed back to college or work, to recharge and refocus on their calling as followers of Jesus Christ. Several told me this weekend that the week of Gloria Sancta is the highlight of their year.

I want to thank all of them for their enthusiastic desire to serve the Body of Christ. Let’s do it again next year?

You can listen to them sing HERE.

The lectures are available HERE.