Many men have imagined themselves to be great lovers, mostly in the narrow, truncated sexual sense. This is an indication of if how shallow, immature and self-absorbed men often are. They imagine that others might be impressed—especially “the ladies.” It’s really a superficial way of covering-up the fact that few men really know anything about what it means to be great lovers.

Jesus was the Great Lover, and He never even had a girlfriend. Had He married, He would have been the perfect lover of His wife. Indeed, He modeled that love toward His bride, the Church, and it is His model to which all truly great lovers must conform. Great lovers love with depth and substance. They love when it’s easy and they love when it’s difficult. In fact, their love is most evident when it is difficult. It’s in the times of testing that love shines the brightest. They also love all the time—24/7. Their love is a constant, unchanging force, even in their absence, the beloved feels its presence. Great lovers assume responsibility as initiators. They’re not waiting for someone else to love first. They pour out themselves with such self-sacrifice that they become irresistible.