Sometimes I look at married couples and wonder, “How did they ever get together?” “What did she see in him, or him in her?” Love is like that. It can see what others miss. In this world, our imperfections are being used by God to humble us, teach us, and remind us that we need Him, and that we also need others. Our imperfections are also used to shape others, teaching them patience, grace, and kindness. God loves us in spite of our imperfections, and that’s the kind of love we’re called to, especially toward our spouses. The Lord loves to take an odd couple and make them one; using each to fill up what is lacking in the other. My wife has been fixing my broken parts for a long time, and while I think she has made some real progress, there’s still much to be done. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. God’s creative imagination knows no limits. The world is filled with odd creatures, and He gave them a curious attraction to one another. Sometimes, we end up loving things we didn’t even know we liked—it’s apparently an acquired taste.