I’ve had enough of feasting (for a while). A few days of fasting would make future feasting all the better. So, with that in mind, here’s a little more Robert Capon for your edification:

… a bit more philosophical and therefore more central to your renewal: you are pettish about what you call filling foods because you have not con­sidered sufficiently the human meaning of the word “filling.” You have slipped into the habit of thinking of yourself as a dog, or some other creature who eats chiefly to satisfy his stomach. But of course you are not. For the stomach is the least of all the evaluators of what is good for man to eat. We would not describe food as stomachable unless we wanted to give it only the most grudging approval imaginable. A good stomach is by definition uncritical, uncomplaining, and tough. It takes downright poison to get it to say a word. It is the palate to which food looks for compliments. Palatable is at least the beginning of a hymn of praise. It takes elation nicely; very stomachable sounds like an oxymoron that didn’t come off; very palatable is praise indeed. And beyond the palatable, of course, there lie the fields of unqualified approval: the tasty, the delicious, the scrumptious, the de­lectable, the yummy, the mmmh, and the aaah.

All of which should prove to you beyond any doubt that the mouth, not the stomach, is the principal organ to be filled. A few mouthfuls of something with real taste will, if you revise your unthinking habits of eating, be more fill­ing than a whole bellyful of mere stuffing.

Food for Thought: Resurrecting the Art of Eating