Feast of Booths

Pastor Randy Booth


Booth FamilyPastor Randy Booth

Holds degree in history and psychology from Texas A&M, and has completed graduate studies in theology and apologetics. He has been an ordained minister for 34 years and has been the pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nacogdoches, TX [CREC], for sixteen years. Pastor Booth has been married to his wife, Marinell, for 44 years and they have three grown children and sixteen grandchildren. He has overseen the planting and establishment of six churches, was the Presiding Minister of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches for five years, is the director of Covenant Media Foundation, a conference speaker, co-founder of Veritas Classical Christian School in Texarkana, AR, and served as the chairman of the founding board of Regents Academy in Nacogdoches, TX, where he is currently the chaplain. He is the author of several books, including Children of the Promise and the Church Friendly Family.

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