Recently a brother in the Lord expressed his thankfulness for that day’s sermon, saying that it had especially hit home with him in an area of his life that he struggled with and that the Lord used the message to both convict him and encourage him in that struggle. I pointed out that if he had decided to stay home that morning (something this brother never does), then he would have missed that sermon and he would have never missed having missed it. Now, to carry the point a bit further, this is also true of the sermons that are more routine; the ones that don’t particularly hit hard or address some special point or issue that we’re struggling with at the moment. If we miss those sermons we never miss them either. However, many of those sermons we missed will be needed in the future; next week, next year, or at some other time. We will not realize we missed them but we, in fact, missed what God had for us to equip us to face tomorrow’s challenges.